MSA Advocates provides clients with the resources and knowledge necessary to complete the Medicare Set-Aside process successfully. We use only Registered Nurses to complete claims to ensure that an expert in the field is protecting your interests.

Medicare Set-Aside Services include:

  • Confirmation of Medicare Status
  • Lien Search and Negotiation
  • Rated Age
  • Medicare Allocation Opinion
  • Structured Settlement Proposal (see 'Structured Settlements' below for more information)
  • CMS/Medicare Language for Section 32 Agreement or WC Release
  • Written Medicare/CMS Approval of Medicare Set-Aside
  • Longshoreman Workers' Compensation Claims

Please note that although Liability Medicare Set-Asides are not currently being reviewed, it is still important to protect Medicare’s interest.Please contact us for more information.

Structured Settlements:

With access to licensed Structured Settlement Brokers, we are equipped to serve your needs more adequately.

To determine whether a Structured Settlement is appropriate, please contact us to speak to an associate.