Frequently Asked Questions
Workers Comp and Medicare Set-asides

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Q1. Clarification of WCMSA Review Thresholds

Should I establish a Workers' Compensation Medicare Set-aside Arrangement (WCMSA) even if I am not yet a Medicare beneficiary and/or even if I do not meet the CMS thresholds for review of
a WCMSA proposal?
A1. The thresholds for review of a WCMSA proposal are only CMS workload review thresholds, not substantive dollar or "safe harbor" thresholds for complying with the Medicare Secondary Payer law. Under the Medicare Secondary Payer provisions, Medicare is always secondary to workers' compensation and other insurance such as no-fault and liability insurance. Accordingly, all beneficiaries and claimants must consider and protect Medicare's interest when settling any workers' compensation case; even if review thresholds are not met, Medicare's interest must always be considered.