Frequently Asked Questions
Workers Comp and Medicare Set-asides

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Q10. Beneficiaries that Request Termination of a WCMSA Account

May a claimant have any or all of a WCMSA released for personal purposes under any circumstances?

A10. The administrator of the CMS-approved WCMSA should not release set-aside funds for any purpose other than the purpose for which the WCMSA was established without approval from CMS. However, if the treating physician concludes that the beneficiary's medical condition has substantially improved, then the beneficiary (or the beneficiary's representative) may submit a new WCMSA proposal covering future expected medical expenses. Such proposals must justify at least a 25% reduction in the outstanding WCMSA funds. In addition, such proposal may not be submitted until at least five years after a previous CMS approval letter and should be accompanied by all supporting documentation not previously submitted with the original WCMSA proposal. The CMS decision on the new proposal is final and not subject to administrative appeal.


The above proposals shall be submitted to CMS c/o COBC. If CMS determines that a 25% or greater reduction is justified, CMS will issue a new approval letter. After CMS issues a new approval letter, any funds in the current WCMSA in excess of the newly calculated amount may be released to the claimant. NOTE: THE ABOVE ANSWER REPLACES QUESTION NUMBER ELEVEN IN THE APRIL 21, 2003 ARA WC MEMORANDUM.