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Workers Comp and Medicare Set-asides

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Q12. Additional Information Submission after WCMSA Case Is Closed

If I disagree with the amount that CMS has determined for my WCMSA, do I have any recourse?
A12. There are no appeal rights stemming from a CMS determination of the appropriate amount of a WCMSA; however, claimants and submitters have several other options available to them. First, a claimant or submitter may always contact the Regional Office that issued the CMS determination for a clarification. Also, if the claimant or submitter believes that a CMS determination contains obvious mistakes, such as mathematical errors or failure to recognize that medical records already submitted show that a surgery that CMS priced has already occurred, then the claimant or submitter should contact the CMS Regional Office that issued the CMS determination for a correction of the errors.
Where the claimant or submitter believes that CMS has misinterpreted the evidence or disagrees with the CMS determination for some other reason, there are two choices available. If the claimant or submitter believes that there is additional evidence not previously considered by CMS that would warrant a change in the CMS determination, the claimant or submitter may resubmit the case with the additional evidence and request a re-evaluation. The re-evaluation request should be clearly marked as such, submitted to the Coordination of Benefits Contractor (COBC), P.O. Box 660, New York, New York 10274-660, and must be accompanied by additional evidence not available at the time of the original submission. It will then be considered a new submission and shall be processed in order of receipt. Although a claimant has no formal appeal rights with respect to the WCMSA process, beneficiaries do have appeal rights with respect to specific denied claims. If CMS denies a submitted claim for a service on the basis that CMS determined the WCMSA amount has not been exhausted, the beneficiary may appeal that specific claim denial through the administrative appeal process.