Frequently Asked Questions
Workers Comp and Medicare Set-asides

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Q5. Settlement of WC Medical Expenses Prior to Submission to CMS

Can the parties proceed with the settlement of the medical expenses portion of a WC claim before CMS actually reviews the proposed WCMSA and determines an amount that adequately protects Medicare's interests?
A5. The parties may proceed with the settlement, but any statement in the settlement of the amount needed to fund the WCMSA is not binding upon CMS unless/until the parties provide CMS with documentation that the WCMSA has actually been funded for the full amount as specified by CMS that adequately protects Medicare's interests as a result of its review. If CMS does not subsequently provide approval of the funded WCMSA amount as specified in the settlement and proof is not provided to CMS that the CMS- approved amount has been fully funded, CMS may deny payment for services related to the WC claim up to the full amount of the settlement. Only the approval of the WCMSA by CMS and the submission of proof that the WCMSA was funded with the approved amount, would limit the denial of related claims to the amount in the WCMSA. This shall be demonstrated by submitting a copy of the final, signed settlement documents indicating the WCMSA is the same amount as that recommended by CMS. As a reminder, the claimant may be at risk if the WCMSA is funded for less than the amount that CMS determines to be adequate to protect Medicare's interests.