Frequently Asked Questions
Workers Comp and Medicare Set-asides

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Q9. Loss of Medicare Entitlement after CMS Approval of a WCMSA

Am I entitled to a release of my WCMSA funds if I lose my Medicare entitlement?
A9. No. However, the funds in the WCMSA may be expended for medical expenses specified in the WCMSA until Medicare entitlement is re-established or the WCMSA is exhausted. Use of the WCMSA is limited to services that are related to the workers' compensation claim or settlement and that would be covered by Medicare if the individual were a Medicare beneficiary. The same requirements that Medicare beneficiaries follow for reporting and administration are to be used in the above cases. The CMS will not pay for any expenses related to the workers' compensation claim or settlement until a self-attestation document or a full accounting of all monies expended from the WCMSA are sent to the lead contractor upon the re-establishment of Medicare entitlement. At that time, the lead contractor will adjust the WCMSA record to reflect the expenses paid prior to entitlement.